4 things that will make you happy at home
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4 things that will make you happy at home

There it is again: the third Monday of January, also known as: Blue Monday. It’s the so called ‘most depressing day of the year’, because today people realise they’ve failed their new year’s resolutions, the cold weather, and low motivational levels. We’re unsure if this is real or just a marketing stunt, but we can all use some more happiness at home during the winter! That’s why we made a list of 4 things that will make you happy at home.

Making the bed

What’s better than diving into a nicely made up bed in the evening? Research by Hunch shows that more than 70% of people who make their beds every day consider themselves happy, compared to 62% of the people who don’t make their beds and don’t feel happy. It’s a small effort with a big result!

Fresh flowers

A bunch of flowers creates liveliness in your interior and a cozy atmosphere at home. Just by looking at the colors of the flowers you instantly become a bit more happy! But that’s not the only thing; research by Rutgers shows that flowers also give you more life satisfaction!

Besides that, the smell of flowers gives you a sense of happiness, according to research by the Association for Psychological Science. So what are you waiting for? Off to the store, now! 😉


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A pet

A pet will always be there when you get home, so you’ll always have someone to cuddle. But that’s not everything. Research of Journal of Personality and Social Pschycology shows that a pet improves your life. The pet offers meaningful support and helps to prevent social isolation.

Less stuff

You probably already know the quote “Collect moments, not things”. And that’s really true! Research from UCLA shows that women with a lot of stuff in their home had a higher level of cortisone (a stress hormone). This can be because a messy home is often associated with failure (which of course is untrue). Do you need some decluttering inspiration? Have a look at the series of clean-up guru Marie Kondo on Netflix!

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