4 reasons to buy flowers more often
reasons to buy flowers more often
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4 reasons to buy flowers more often

You probably don’t really need a reason to buy flowers more often, because everyone loves flowers. Yet you might not get them as often as you would like. That’s why we thought of 4 more reasons to buy flowers more often, to remind you how happy they make you.

A healthy gift

Do you want to treat yourself? Do it with flowers more often! In general, we celebrate things with drinks (cheers!) or cake. That’s also very nice, but flowers are a healthy alternative!

They make you happy

Colors can have a lot of effect on your mood and behavior, scientists have long known. Just looking at colorful flowers can improve your mood. But that’s not the only thing: research by Rutgers shows that flowers also give you a sense of life satisfaction!

And, buying a bunch of flowers is a bit easier and cheaper than for example painting a whole wall in a cheerful color! 😉


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Good for your mental health

The Emotional Impact of Flowers Study, the leading research on the effect of flowers on people, showed that people surrounded by flowers feel less stressed and more relaxed. “Not only do flowers make people happier than we thought, they also have a strong positive effect on our emotions”, the head of the research explained.

It brightens up your interior

A fresh bunch of flowers creates liveliness in your interior and immediately creates a cozy atmosphere. It’s only a small change, but brightens up your interior instantly! Because of their beautiful colors and shapes, flowers attract all eyes.

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