6 tips to get your garden ready for spring
6 tips to get your garden ready for spring
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6 tips to get your garden ready for spring

Yes, spring has begun! Now that the rainy days are over and the sun is shining again, it’s time to tackle the garden. In this article we’ll share 6 tips, to get your garden ready for spring.

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To get your garden ready for spring, it’s best to start with a big cleaning. Remove loose leaves, branches and other garden waste. Don’t forget the things that you may have temporarily placed in the garden with the idea ‘I’ll do that later’. Now is the time!

Remove weeds

Because of the spring sun, weeds grow quickly and they will form flowers and seeds. So remove the weeds with root and all, before they have a chance to spread.


Now that your garden is cleaned up and removed from weeds, the real work begins: pruning! Think of the hedge, shrubs and trees. This is probably the biggest job, but it has a great result. Because by pruning, your plants and trees get a new boost and they will start growing again.

Mowing & turning the soil

Then it’s time for the ground! By turning the soil, roots get more oxygen and have space to absorb water. Grass starts to grow from 5 degrees, so it’s also time to mow the grass for the first time. After that, you can fertilize the soil. Preferably do this just before it rains, because then the fertilizer granules or the dry manure can withdraw into the soil quickly.

Sowing & planting

And now comes the best part: sowing and planting! Plant faded daffodils, crocuses and other spring flowers in the garden, so they will come up nicely next year. In addition, you can already plant many summer flower seeds in the garden, so that you will have beautiful summer flowers in June and July.

Create atmosphere

And finally we will create atmosphere, so that you can enjoy your beautiful garden! Refurbish your old garden furniture with a coat of paint or new cushions. Buy some garden lights, candles and beautiful flower pots, and create various cozy corners in the garden.

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These were our tips to get your garden ready for spring. Also don’t forget to maintain your garden, by mowing the grass, watering enough and maintaining the garden furniture. Enjoy!


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