How to care for an herb garden: 3 tips
How to care for an herb garden
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How to care for an herb garden: 3 tips

It’s wonderful to have fresh herbs in the garden or on the balcony, because you’ll always have a delicious addition at hand during cooking. And you can also add some sliced fruit and herbs to a carafe of water, for extra flavor and color! But how do you ensure that the plants won’t die after one week? We collected three tips to care for an herb garden.


Do you use herb pots from the supermarket? If so, it’s best to transfer them into a larger pot with fresh soil. That way the plants can grow optimally. Also cut a few twigs off, to bring the plants back into balance. This ensures that less energy will be going to photosynthesis, so that the plants can adapt quickly to the new environment and temperature.


Herb plants love sunlight! Many herbs originate from the Mediterranean. Most of them stay well at drought for a long time, but some herbs – such as basil and verbena – often need water. Herbs like parsley and chervil also need a lot of water, but they also prefer a spot in the shade.

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Herbal plants can be harvested often, because pruning helps growing! Regular harvesting ensures a healthy plant, and it also prevents the plant from forming flowers. Don’t only pick the leaves, but cut back to just above a leaf, to stimulate new growth.

This is how to care for an herb garden! Good luck and enjoy!

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