How to repot an orchid: a few tips and tricks
Repot an orchid
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How to repot an orchid: a few tips and tricks

If an orchid is growing out of its container, it’s time to repot it. Usually you should do this once every two or three years. Preferably do it in spring, because the lighter days help the orchid to repair any damages. But of course it can also be done later in the year. Do you want to repot an orchid? Then be sure to read on for a few tips.

Repot an orchid

First remove all the bad roots of the plant, before you place it in a new pot. Preferably use special orchid potting soil to do this, because ordinary potting soil is much too dense. Place the plant in a plant pot with a diameter of at least 20% wider than the previous one, to ensure that the orchid can still grow in there.

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Watering your orchid

Orchids are not big water consumers. In summer it only needs to be watered once a week. In the winter this will be even less: once every ten days is sufficient. The best way to water your orchid is to use the kitchen sink. Water the plant for about 15 seconds, and allow it to drain for about 15 minutes. Is this too much of a hassle? Then pour a little bit of water in the pot of the plant, and not on the plant itself. And always be careful to avoid overwatering, you don’t want to drown your plant. 😉

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