How to: grow plants on a balcony
How to: grow plants on a balcony
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How to: grow plants on a balcony

Do you like gardening, but don’t have a garden? No problem! You can also grow plants on a balcony or roof terrace. You might think it’s too small for that, but that’s nonsense. It’s cozy! In this article we’ll give you some tips on how to grow plants on a balcony.

Use the space efficiently

A garden is usually a bit bigger than a balcony, but that doesn’t matter. Take a good look at your balcony and use the space as efficiently as possible. For example, it’s not a good idea to place a lot on the floor of the balcony. Instead of that: place a tall cupboard, hang planters over the balcony railing, and possibly even use a balcony bar instead of using a balcony table and chair.

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Choosing suitable plants

Then it’s time for the best thing: placing plants! First, have a look at the location of your balcony: is it facing north, east, south or west? That makes a big difference to the amount of sunlight that reaches your balcony. And that’s important to know for when you’re going plant shopping. For example, if there’s a lot of shade on your balcony, it’s better to avoid tropical plants.

Make a herb garden

And while you’re at it: make a small herb garden on your balcony! This way you’ll always have fresh herbs to hand during cooking. It smells really nice, and you can also add some herbs and sliced fruit to a carafe of water, for extra flavor and color.

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