How to turn empty bottles into vases: 2 DIY ideas
How to turn empty bottles into vases
Picture: Unsplash

How to turn empty bottles into vases: 2 DIY ideas

If you are celebrating Christmas, chances are that a number of bottles of liquor will pass through. Don’t throw them away after the holidays, but keep them! You can make beautiful vases out of them. To inspire you, we gathered two ideas on how to turn empty bottles into vases.

Wine bottles

Take three empty wine bottles and rinse them. Buy a paint spray in a color that you like, for example a color that fits well in your interior. But with new years eve in prospect, it’s also nice to buy a silver or golden spray. Spray the wine bottles from head to toe, so you don’t see anything of the wine bottle anymore. Let them dry for an hour, pour water in, spread some flowers and place them on a nice spot in your home.

Hendrick’s gin bottle

This tip is even easier than the wine bottles. Because the dark brown Hendrick’s gin bottle is already so beautiful, you don’t really have to change anything! Rinse the bottle well, pour water in it, put an anthurium cut flower in it and find a nice place for it. Check out Pinterest if you need some inspiration.

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