5 things you shouldn't do with an orchid
things you shouldn't do with an orchid
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5 things you shouldn’t do with an orchid

Usually we provide you with tips about the things you do need to do in terms of plant care. But it’s actually also important to know what you shouldn’t do. Because you can give your plant all the love it needs, if you do things that aren’t helpful, your plant still won’t bloom optimally. Therefore, you’ll find 5 things you shouldn’t do with an orchid in this article.

Overwater them

The roots of an orchid are part of the lungs: the plant breathes through these so-called aerial roots. When the roots are overwatered, the orchid kind of suffocates. The roots will rot and die.

Pour water on the crown

The middle part of the orchid, where all the roots, leaves and shoots come together, is called the ‘crown’ of the orchid. And it must be able to breathe too. So don’t pour water on top of it! Did you do water it accidentally? Then dab it with a tissue as much as possible.

Plant them in regular soil

If you put an orchid in regular potting soil, the roots can’t breathe and will die. Especially when the soil is very humid, there is almost no air left for the plant to breathe. So always make sure your orchid is placed in airy soil!

Place them in direct sunlight

Place your orchid in a light spot, but not in direct sunlight. Orchids have a sensitive skin and can get burned very quickly. They do need sufficient daylight, so the plant prefers to be placed it in indirect light.

Spray water on the flowers

Some tropical plants with aerial roots love it when you spray water on them with a plant spray. But this is not the case with orchids. If small droplets of water remain on the leaves, they can rot. And on petals it can cause ugly discoloration.

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