How to use the orchid as a cut flower
How to use an orchid as a cut flower

How to use the orchid as a cut flower

You probably know the orchid as a plant, but did you know they also do well as a cut flower? Some florists sell them, but you can also cut the flowers from a plant yourself. To do this the right way and to enjoy them for as long as possible, we have a few tips for you.

The orchid

The orchid is available in many different colors: from pastel to bright pink, and from a tiger print to bright green. This makes it easy to find a matching orchid for every interior style. Put it in a striking vase and you immediately have a real eye catcher.

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The orchid as a cut flower

If you want to use an orchid as a cut flower, it’s best to wait until the flowers are at their best. That’s usually about two days after they started to bloom. Use a clean knife and cut the flower stem all the way at the bottom; the stem must be as long as possible. Make sure you cut the stem diagonally, because that way it can absorb enough water.

Then put the flower stalk in a vase with lukewarm water, and place it in a spot in the shade. Make sure that the flowers are not submerged in water and keep them away from fruit, as this produces gases that cause your orchid to age quickly. After five days, remove the flowers from the vase after and cut 2 cm diagonally from the bottom again. Then put them back in fresh lukewarm water.

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