Flower arranging tips: a beautiful bouquet in 4 steps
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Flower arranging tips: a beautiful bouquet in 4 steps

Flower arranging is trendy again! We always loved to do it, but now we don’t have to be ashamed anymore. 😉 Perhaps it’s due to all the flower delivery services? Or because Instagram is filled with the most special flowers? Either way, if you have received or bought a beautiful bouquet, you still need to know how to place it at home. That’s why we listed our flower arranging tips.

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The first step is caring for your flowers. Clean your vase well, it kills bacteria and ensures that your flowers stay fresh longer. Fill the vase with water for one third and add a bag of flower fertiliser. Cut the stems of the flowers at an angle so that they can absorb the water and nutrients optimally.


The second step is sorting the flowers. Divide them into three piles: strong stems, soft stems and tall flowers. This comes in handy in the next step.

Build a frame

Then create a sturdy frame by first placing the flowers with strong stems in the vase. After that, add the flowers with the stoft stems. This way they are supported by the strong stems. End with the tall flowers. This way you prevent symmetry and you create a really striking bouquet.


When you have added all the flowers, take a good look at the vase. Turn it a few times to see if the flowers are evenly spread. Adjust where necessary, and then you’re ready!


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Bonus tip

One last tip: change the water in the vase every three days and when possible cut another inch off the bottom of the stems. This way the flowers can absorb a lot of fresh water and they will stay longer.

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