The best flower for Valentine's Day: the anthurium
Best flower for Valentine's Day
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The best flower for Valentine’s Day: the anthurium

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! And whether you like it or think it’s just a commercial day, it’s a good reminder to express your appreciation for someone else. Whether that’s your lover, a friend or a relative. Because who doesn’t like to hear that he or she is loved? That’s why we looked for the best flower for Valentine’s Day.

The best flower for Valentine’s Day

Many people choose to give red roses on Valentine’s Day, because these flowers are known for their romantic meaning. But it’s so much nicer to buy another, more original, flower! For example the anthurium. This is a stylish and exotic plant, originally from South America. The anthurium is also called the plant with a heart, because of its heart-shaped leaf (which is actually the bract). Due to all of these aspects, the Anthurium symbolizes exotic beauty. And that makes it a great gift, right?

Anthurium care

You can buy an Anthurium all year round. It’s available as a cut flower and as a pot plant, and in a wide range of colors. From bright red to muscular white and from salmon pink to soft green. The plant is very easy to care for; it will continue to bloom for months without needing a lot of attention. Water the plant once a week and give it a little bit of plant food every two weeks. The anthurium cut flowers will also last for a long time. If you refresh the water weekly and cut off one cm of the stem, they will stay pretty for two to three weeks.

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