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Blooming celebrations Interior

2 ways to style your Easter table

Do you have to organize the traditional Eastern brunch?  Make it grand and flourishing to celebrate also the beginning of spring. At they know how to create a flourishing Easter table with an botanic chic or stylish pastel touch.


Raining flowers above your dining table

A bunch of flowers always works to create a tasteful ambiance. Now there is a new trend: impressive decorations with flowers hanging from the ceiling. Imagine the instant feelings of happiness that this could evoke. Just as in love as I’m? You can create your own flower chandelier.


Pots make the plant

Plants are always trendy, but the trends in the world of flowerpots change from year to year depending on the interior trends. Time to spot the latest trends so that our green friends look fabulous the coming months.

How to style your Christmas table. Picture: Oasis

3 ways to style your Christmas table

Christmas is around the corner, so just checking if we have everything covered. Christmas tree, check, Delicious food, check, great company, check. The only thing we need to take care of are some decorations for the dining table because  a Christmas table isn’t complete without...

DIY halloween floral decorations

DIY: lovely flowers with a spooky twist

Monday, it’s Halloween and when you think of Halloween, you think of pumpkins and skulls, but less rapidly of flowers. While they should not be missing, of course. With these DIY tutorials you can make floral decorations in style.

Tropical autumn update for your interior

Urban Jungle with vivid colours

As the days get shorter and colder and the nights longer and darker, we can use some warmth for cozy evenings on the couch. A tropical urban jungle is the perfect autumn update for your home, because tropical colours like yellow, red and orange also fit well in the fall.

Bloom up your interior with great flower decorations spotetd at Fleuramour

Inspired by Fleuramour: flower decorations

Sometimes you see such lovely flower decorations that you just want to put them in your own home. Last weekend this happened to me during Fleuramour. Enjoy the most beautiful and impressive creations.


4 low budget DY geometric planters

Geometric flowerpots are hot and this trend seems to keep on going. Unfortunately they can be quite pricey. Don’t you feel like spending your hard-earned money to this, but do you want such trendy geometric planters? Make them yourself. That isn’t necessary difficult.