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Tropical autumn update for your interior

Urban Jungle with vivid colours

As the days get shorter and colder and the nights longer and darker, we can use some warmth for cozy evenings on the couch. A tropical urban jungle is the perfect autumn update for your home, because tropical colours like yellow, red and orange also fit well in the fall.

Show your colours

When you think of a tropical jungle you think of natural materials such as bamboo and rattan, cheerful colours and large leaves and botanical prints. The ideal combination to give your home an autumn update.

A tropical urban jungle is the perfect autumn update for your home, because tropical colours like yellow, red and orange also fit well in the fall.

The first step to achieve this autumn update of your interior starts with colour. In the fall, we could use some cheerfulness and warmth. You bring liveliness in your home with tropical accent colours like yellow, orange and red. You create warmth with jungle green and dark blue and natural materials such as rattan, bamboo, tropical foliage, mosses, vines or cork. Botanical prints, textures and patterns complete the exotic ambiance.

Botanic prints, etnic patterns and natural wood and rattanNatural material Accessories









Smashing tropical

The warm and cheerfulness can be easily combined, by choosing a base with green, bamboo and colourful accessories, such as tropical red Anthuriums.
Tropical bamboe by interiors addictTropical interior with bothanic prints, wicker lamp and anthurium

But you can also choose pronounced popping colours. More is more. Decorate a wall with a botanical print and choose a striking floral eye-catcher with the cheerful Strelitzia and a large Anthurium with a brightly coloured spike.

A second popping option is a yellow wall with a beautiful bouquet with tropical Anthurium, St. John’s wort, Chrysanthemums, Gloriosa and Celosia. By opting for a predominantly green bouquet with a pair of brightly coloured flowers your create some rest against a brightly coloured wall.

Tropical anthurium by anthuriuminfo more is more. mooiwatbloemendoen.nl Tropical anthurium by anthuriuminfo







Natural warmth

If you find bright colours too intense, you can also go for a warm natural ambiance with natural materials from the jungle. A tree trunk as a side table or wicker baskets give a warm ambiance in your home and are a nice contrast with bright coloured accessories and flowers, to keep the tropical vibes alive. A beautiful wooden pot with beautiful Anthurium should not be missing in this setting.

Wicker baskets to create warmth in your interior with tropical Anthuriums. Anthurium in wooden planter

You might have noticed the overload of Anthurium. This isn’t surprising, since this undemanding plant or ultra-long flowering cut flower originally comes from the rainforest.

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