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10 original Christmas trees & wreaths

10 original Christmas trees & wreaths

Decorating the Christmas tree or wreaths is fun. I enjoy it every year, but if you’re looking for something more original, consider these blooming alternatives.

Let’s start with 5 blooming trees.

christmastree1 christmastree2









1. This tree made of paper flowers could be a nice alternative for a regular fake tree.
2. Big red flowers give an instant Christmas feeling

christmastree3 christmastree4









3. Who doesn’t wat to celebrate Christmas on a tropical island? For most people it’s impossible. So why not get tropical spirits in a Christmas tree with orchids.
4. Do you want something more original than a traditional pine-tree, make a tree of Anthuriums.

However, generally a tree needs a lot of space. A Christmas wreath is the ideal option is you have a lack of space.

christmastree5 christmaswreath1









5. Or you make a contemporary tree with moss, if you have not enough room for a big Christmas tree.
6. Read = Christmas, so this wreath with Anthurium should bring you in the holiday spirits.

christmaswreat2 christmaswreath3









7. Celebrate Christmas in style with some purple Orchids.
8. A Christmas wreath full of baubles. I like it.

christmaswreath4 christmaswreath5_terlaak


9. The bigger the wreath the better, with this hydrangeas that’s not a problem
10. Christmas is a luxurious party at which the Phalaenopsis is a welcome guest.