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How to style your Christmas table. Picture: Oasis

3 ways to style your Christmas table

Christmas is around the corner, so just checking if we have everything covered. Christmas tree, check, Delicious food, check, great company, check. The only thing we need to take care of are some decorations for the dining table because  a Christmas table isn’t complete without decorations.


If I think of Christmas I think of red, pine green, holly branches and golden decorations. Traditional decorations and table runners make me smile and bring me instantly in the Christmas spirit.

Style a classic Christmas table

Do you want something different with the same warm feeling? Go purple. I think Christmas is the most sophisticated party of the year, so why not celebrate it in style with the most warm and luxurious colour we know, which also happens to be the trend colour of this autumn. It’s easy to apply with a purple tablecloth and some purple flowers like an Anthurium or Calla.

style a pruple Christmas table with Anthurium


Nature is hot, we see natural materials like raw wood for some time now in interior design  and I have always wanted to celebrate Christmas in a cosy wooden log cabin. This ambiance is easy to apply it on a dining table setting with candle holders and decorative plates of tree trunks.

Style a natural Christmas table

This style might be something totally different from what you are used to when you think of a Christmas table, but I have to say that I like this more natural, sturdy, but still warm and cosy style. It feels like being in a mystic forest because of the pine branches and unedited wood.


Let’s make it a happy Christmas by beating the dark days with a bright and colourful festive table. The thing I love the most about a festive table is a beautiful table runner through the middle. It’s fun to make classic with pine branches, but how cool is it to upgrade it with all kinds of green flowers like Anthurium and Orchids?

Style a colourfull Christmas table

Hopefully, you are inspired to create a beautiful Christmas table and enjoy the your holiday dinner with your loved ones.

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