50 shades of white in the considered luxury style - Bloomifique
White Phalaenopsis

50 shades of white in the considered luxury style

In a world where we get more and more impressions, we also increasingly need to rest. Less remains more. Considered luxury is an atmospheric, neutral style which evolves around attention for the small pleasures in life. The need to rest is satisfied with bright, quiet and fresh colours.

Flexa ColorFutures 2017 Considered luxury

Styling tip!

The light colours are ideal to show shades and nuances by means of structures and effects. Stimulate your senses with white glossy or matte paint and white tones with a hint of pink, yellow and sand. You could apply these nuances in white on the wall, but also in flowers. A white Phalaenopsis Orchid may seem traditional, but there might be 50 shades of white, so you can experiment. Especially if you dare to make trips to light yellow and pink tones.

50 shades of white & light phalaenopsis