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Bloom up your interior with great flower decorations spotetd at Fleuramour

Inspired by Fleuramour: flower decorations

Sometimes you see such lovely flower decorations that you just want to put them in your own home. Last weekend this happened to me during Fleuramour. Enjoy the most beautiful and impressive creations.

Lounge surrounded by flowers

Everyone want a place to relax at home. I got inspired by the showpiece of Fleuramour at the courtyard of the castle. This year Hanneke Frankema and Max van de Sluis had created a lounge surrounded by 12,000 flowers. If you’d like to create a unique relaxing place, this would be a great idea.
Fleuramour showpiece feeling by Hanneke Frankema & Max van der Sluis

Flowers on the table 2.0

Flowers on the table always add extra ambiance during a dinner. The floral artists in Alden Biesen showed that there are more possibilities than just some flowers in a vase.

Floral eye-catchers

A large floral arrangement is the ultimate eye-catcher. These floral towers in combination with a spot are great to brighten up a dark corner in a room.

If you’re up for even more spectacle think about a moving element.

Flower tower spotted at Fleuramour 2016 Spinng flower tower spotted at Fleuramour 2016











If you do not have much room to put flowers you may consider to hang flowers or make beautiful frames for decorating. Opportunities in abundance.These flowered frames could be used as room dividers.

Flowered frames spotted at Fleuramour 2016. These could be used as room dividers

Hanging flower balls are hot! But also living art on a wall is a great way to incorporate flowers in your interior.

Living art spotted at Fleuramour 2016. Hanging flowers