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Choose gold!

Gold, the symbolic colour of success and victory is back in interior decoration!  However, the trick is to use this colour subtly, without being blinded by the shiny metal.

Metallic remains hot

In recent years, copper was immensely popular as an accent colour in interiors. Good news for the lovers of metallic, the successor is already waiting: gold! A colour that not only gives you a feeling of luxury and wealth, but also makes your interior warmer. As with many things excess harms and with this shiny colour the risk is that it’s too much. Experts are, therefore, advocating for the 60/30/10 formula. 60% neutral colours in an interior, 30% an additional accent colour and 10% metallic such as bronze, gold or copper. So, how could you style your interior with a touch of gold?

Stylish, chic and summery

I have picked three styles that deserve a golden touch. First of all, cream white and gold are a wonderful combination which breath the feeling of luxury. Gold accents combined with neutral white or powder colours bring warmth into your interior.

White and light interiors with a touch of gold and phalaenopsis orchids

Surprisingly, Gold also works well in an industrial interior. The contrast with the cool concrete creates a refined edge.

A golden touch in an industrial interior

And finally me personal favourite: Gold and dark blue. This combination creates a chic ambiance in your home and besides that you bring the sun in your house with gold. A gorgeous golden glow of light gives a hint of summer in a dark base.

Combine dark blue and gold for a chic ambiance

Subtlety is key

The easiest way to add a touch of gold to your interior is of course with accessories such as a lamp, mirror, or flowerpot. Subtlety is the magic word, a number of golden items is enough (remember the 10% rule).

Accentuate the refined atmosphere with phalaenopsis

Whether you combine gold with dark blue or light neutral tones, one thing is certain, it will give your interior a chic and stylish look. A plant that fits perfectly with this is the Orchid and specifically the Phalaenopsis, a symbol of luxury and refinement.

Pink copepry Phalaenopsis Orchid in a golden planterColourful Orchids in a golden planter

For a dash of colour, you can choose for example, a special old pink, coppery flower in a golden planter. A combination that suits both a light and dark interior. Coloured Orchids are always a great way to brighten up your interior.

Light pastel Phaleanopsis Orchid

It may not be a surprise that a white Phalaenopsis in a golden planter is a perfect choice for a bright interior, but also light soft shades are a wonderful combination.