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style trends for 2019

The style trends for 2019: soft, round, futuristic and sustainable

Trend watcher Aafje Nijman presented three style trends for 2019, which were developed together with Bloemenbureau Holland, Tuinbranche Nederland and iBulb. Bloemenbureau Holland will be working with these trends in the coming year. According to Nijman, everything changes very fast and...

Leopard print plants

Decorate your home with these leopard print plants

There’s no escaping the leopard print! Usually you see this trend in clothing, shoes and bags, but you can experiment with it in your interior too! Did you know leopard print plants existed, for example? They go perfectly within the Re-assemble style trend, one of the three style...

Garden trends 2018: 3 ideas to transform your garden

Garden trends 2018: 3 ideas to transform your garden

Only a few weeks left until summer! We can’t stop thinking about spending our days or nights in the garden during summer time. For those who can’t wait either, we’ve listed the garden trends 2018. So read on and get inspired! And if you don’t have a garden: these...

make your own green terrarium

DIY: 3 ideas to make your own green terrarium

Terrariums are contained ecosystems, housed in transparent containers so you can see their beautiful earthly layers. They’re low-maintenance mini gardens, can last almost indefinitely with minimal water and are pretty to have in your home. Plus, they’re easy and fun to make...


Bring spring into your interior with colour

Now the dark days are behind us it’s time for some colour in the interior. Warm colours bring the warmth we are looking for in the winter. Bright colours bring the joy of spring into our homes. Totally on-trend according to the Horticulture Sector Trends 2017!


Pots make the plant

Plants are always trendy, but the trends in the world of flowerpots change from year to year depending on the interior trends. Time to spot the latest trends so that our green friends look fabulous the coming months.


Happy green year

Plants are the most wanted accessory and bringing nature indoor is becoming more important as a way of life. So it’s no surprise that Pantone was inspired by nature and declared greenery as colour of 2017. Let’s see how to decorate with this vibrant colour.

White Phalaenopsis

50 shades of white in the considered luxury style

In a world where we get more and more impressions, we also increasingly need to rest. Less remains more. Considered luxury is an atmospheric, neutral style which evolves around attention for the small pleasures in life. The need to rest is satisfied with bright, quiet and fresh...