Garden trends 2018: 3 ideas to transform your garden
Garden trends 2018: 3 ideas to transform your garden

Garden trends 2018: 3 ideas to transform your garden

Only a few weeks left until summer! We can’t stop thinking about spending our days or nights in the garden during summer time. For those who can’t wait either, we’ve listed the garden trends 2018. So read on and get inspired! And if you don’t have a garden: these trends will work on your balcony too!

Oasis in the City

This trend is a bit like the Urban Jungle-trend, which seeks the contrast between the urban and nature look and feel. You bring the nature indoors. But with the Oasis in the City-trend you’re creating a green oasis in the garden. Because when you live in a busy city, it’s wonderful to be able to relax in your garden. And with a garden like this, you won’t even realize that you’re in the city!

The Oasis in the City-garden is full of plants. Combine green plants with a few exotic flowering plants, such as the anthurium or orchid. Use a lot of different species, and place them everywhere. For a playful effect, you can place a small plant on a stool next to a tall houseplant, and hang a trailing plant next to it. But try to avoid making it look messy, because the garden has to feel very relaxed. To complete the Oasis in the City-garden you want to use natural materials and colors, such as wood and grey.

The vintage garden

The use of sustainable and second-hand products is a big trend in general, and this is becoming a garden trend as well. More and more qualitative and sustainable materials are used. And old products won’t be thrown away anymore, but they’ll be placed as eye-catchers in the garden. Have a look in your barn or attic and give your garden even more atmosphere with the used stuff you’ll find in there. Think, for example, of an old wooden ladder, where you hang a macrame plant hangers onto. Or an old colander, where you place a creeper in. A wooden rain barrel is also great, and is useful for collecting water to water your plants with. You can’t go wrong with this trend!

Culinary Cooking Garden

The last of the three garden trends 2018 is the Culinary Cooking Garden. We all know the vegetable garden by now, but the Culinary Cooking Garden-trend takes it one step further. Cooking in and out of the garden it is! A barbecue, fresh vegetables and herbs from the vegetable garden, edible flowers and an outdoor fireplace are used. You don’t have to go inside anymore!

Which of these garden trends 2018 are you the most fond of?