Decorate your home with these leopard print plants
Leopard print plants

Decorate your home with these leopard print plants

There’s no escaping the leopard print! Usually you see this trend in clothing, shoes and bags, but you can experiment with it in your interior too! Did you know leopard print plants existed, for example? They go perfectly within the Re-assemble style trend, one of the three style trends of 2018! Various products, shapes, colors and materials are combined to create a different, playful appearance. The color palette of this trend is diverse: from bright to pastel, natural and grey. And designs are often shown in special color combinations, such as a green leopard print. How fun?! We listed a number of leopard print plants:

Cambria orchid

The Cambria orchid is a cross between different types of orchids, and therefore it doesn’t occur in the wild. This plant can vary enormously in size and shape. Usually it comes in a combination of multiple colors, for example in leopard print or various shades of purple. It’s a real eyecatcher!

Ceropegia ‘African Parachute’

This houseplant originates from the south of Africa, and has white-green flowers with a leopard print. The leaves of the African Parachute are also decorative: they have the shape of a parachute or lantern. Therefore they’re also called parachute plant or lantern plant!

Oncidium orchid

This orchid comes from South and Central America. The plant mainly occurs in red-yellow-brown, and therefore is also called Tiger Orchid. In addition, the Oncidium orchid is recognizable by its small flowers, richly filled branches.

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