4 tips to get your (tiny) balcony summer ready
4 tips to get your (small) balcony summer ready
Foto: Unsplash

4 tips to get your (tiny) balcony summer ready

Only a few more days and summer is finally here! So it’s about time you get your balcony summer ready, if you haven’t already. Do you have a tiny apartment balcony? No worries! With a little creative thinking, you can transform it into a really nice summer retreat. We listed 4 handy tips, so you can enjoy your small balcony to the fullest. Have fun!

Shelving unit

To save space, place a shelving unit against one of the walls. By doing this, you cover up the wall and it looks nice too! Place some reed baskets at the bottom, to store a few small things like a rug and a couple of pillows. At the top of the shelving unit, you can put a lot of different plants to create your own urban jungle balcony. And finally, add a macrame plant hanger.

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Railing bar top

Another tip to save space on your balcony, is a table that can be installed onto the railing. It’s super convenient and looks nice as well! You can use it to enjoy breakfast, have drinks or even work on your laptop. It’s perfect! You can order it online, but if you are a little handy, you can also make one yourself.

Fresh herbs

One of the biggest advantages of having a balcony, is the ability to grow fresh herbs! They will make your meals extra special. Most popular herbs – like basil, cilantro, parsley, chive, and mint – are well suited for a herb garden on a balcony. And they wille make your balcony smell really nice too!

Solar string lights

When it is dusk or already dark, light creates an instant romantic atmosphere. Sun-powered lighting is available in a wide range of styles and types. Just position their solar panels towards the sunlight, to keep them charged!

Get your balcony summer ready with these solar string lights
Foto: Unsplash