DIY: How to make planters using stuff you already have
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DIY: How to make planters using stuff you already have

In another article, we already gave a few tips about how to give planters a new life by painting them. But you can go more creative than that, by making flower pots from other things, like empty candles, pots, cans and even old cups and mugs. Everything is possible! So in this article, we’ll tell you how to make planters using stuff you already have.

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Empty jars

The next time you have an empty jar, save it. Empty jars can serve as a plant pot very well . For example, use a jar thats used for jam or pickles, which are usually quite large. Clean them thoroughly and remove the stickers. It’s nice that the jars are transparent and differ in size, because that makes them slightly different then ‘normal’ planters.

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Empty cans

In addition to empty jars, empty cans can also serve as a planter. Do you have a tin that you like? Then you don’t have to do much anymore after cleaning. But if you don’t like the look of the can, you can go creative! Paint it in a nice color or pattern, or cover it with foil or textile. Preferably buy a can of at least 800 gr, because otherwise your plant will have very little room to grow.

Old coffee cups

Do you have a lot of mugs and cups at home, that you don’t use? That’s great, because you can also place plants in them! It may sound strange, but give it a try and you’ll see that it looks very nice.

Candle jars

Scented candles usually come in beautiful glass jars. And if the candles are finished, you can use those jars as a planter!