5 lovely and cheap houseplants that cost less than $13
cheap houseplants
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5 lovely and cheap houseplants that cost less than $13

If something is worth the investment, it’s a plant. Most of them last for years, bring a lot of atmosphere to your home and purify the air. But then again: if you’re broke, you’re broke! That’s why we searched the internet for lovely and cheap houseplants, so you can still surround yourself with plants. These five plants are for sale for $13 or less:

Aloe vera

The aloe vera has been known for centuries for its medicinal and cosmetic properties. The juice in the leaves of the plant is used for the treatment of abrasions, insect bites and sunburn. This plant needs little water, but loves a spot in the sun. Avoid frequent watering for the best result! An aloe vera plant is available from $11.


Anthuriums are beautiful tropical flowers, and real eyecatchers because of the different colors they come in. They don’t need a lot of care, but with a little attention they’ll bloom for an extra long time. In this article we listed all our tips for the best anthurium care. You can buy an anthurium plant starting at $9,99.


The dracaena is a great plant to brighten up any room in your house. It makes a perfect houseplant with its distinctive, sword-shaped leaves and its easy-care growing requirements. It tolerates low light, but produces better color in medium to bright light. So place the dracaena in a corner where it has shade, and allow the soil surface to dry between waterings. You can buy a dracaena from $12,99.


The orchid is one of the most popular indoor potted plants. This plant doesn’t need a lot of attention, but with the right care it can bloom for a long time. So it’s well worth your time! In this article we’ll give you some tips for the best orchid care, so you can fully enjoy your plant! Orchids are for sale starting at $5.

Snake plant

The snake plant has variegated leaves that grow upright, what makes the plant a real eye-catcher! It has small white flowers that bloom only rarely, and some varieties’ leaves have yellow or white edges. The snake plant is also known as mother-law-‘s tongue and grows well in a whole range of lighting conditions. You can buy a snake plant for $7,99.

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