The best plants for every room in your house
The best plants for every room in your house

The best plants for every room in your house

Just like people, plants have their preferences too. For example, one plant prefers to be in direct sunlight, while another one will die there. So for every spot in the house there is a plant that will grow perfect there. To help you make the best choices, we listed the best plants for every room in the house.

Plants in the bathroom

You might think bathrooms aren’t an ideal environment for plants because of the high humidity, warm temperatures and low light. But that’s exactly what most tropical plants are missing! Because of this, the four best plants for the bathroom are the dragon plant, orchid, peace lily and snake plant. It’s nice to place a few of these together and create an Urban Jungle bathroom!

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Plants in the bedroom

Plants provide a soothing environment and therefore are ideal for in the bedroom. They use oxygen at night, but produce extra during the day, so there’s no need to worry. They also increase the humidity level, which can prevent respiratory infections and irritations. Preferably place air-purifying plants in the bedroom, such as aloe vera, sansevieria or anthurium.

Plants in the workspace

Research from the universities of Cardiff, Exeter, Queensland and Groningen showed that plants can have a positive influence on your productivity. If there are plants in the workspace, the productivity can increase up to 15%! People also complete tasks faster without deteriorating the quality. Next to that, plants have a positive effect on your concentration, because they reduce noise by 8%. So cover your desk with green! The plants that are recommended for the workspace are the peace lily, chrysanthemum and livistona.

These were the best plants for every room in the house! Which ones do you allready have?