5 things plant lovers will recognize
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5 things plant lovers will recognize

If you’re such a big plant lover as we are, you will definitely recognize the things listed below. Because plants aren’t just accessories that decorate your home. No, they need to be cared for and pampered. Just like children, you could say. 😉 To show you that you’re not the only crazy plant lady or guy, we listed 5 things plant lovers will recognize. Please let us know how many of the 5 things you recognise, via Facebook or Instagram!

You talk to them

When you’re home alone with your plants, you talk to them. For example, when watering or while you check how they are doing. And they’re the best listeners!

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You talk about them

And it doesn’t stop with talking to your plants. No, you also talk a lot about them. Preferably all day long, with everyone who wants to hear it (or doesn’t dare say no). That’s why you’re in the plant community on Instagram and in several plant related Facebook groups. Otherwise your friends would go crazy. 😉

You only have plant pics

Your phone is filled with of photos of your plants. You even have more pictures of your plants than of your loved one, friends or family! They’re just very photogenic.

You keep on buying

You buy more ‘clothes’ for your plants than for yourself. A new plant pot, cool watering can or plant mister; there is always something that can be replaced. And it doesn’t only make you happy, but your plants too!

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You collect cuttings

Every time you’re at someone’s house and you see a beautiful plant, you kindly ask for a cutting. You just can’t help it! Fortunately, you’re also very generous with handing out cuttings of your own plants: sharing is caring.


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