6 gift ideas for plant lovers
6 gift ideas for plant lovers
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6 nice gift ideas for plant lovers

Plant lovers usually already have enough plants in their home. And although they’ll probably always be happy with a new one, there are plenty of other nice gifts that have something to do with plants. To give you some inspiration, we listed 6 nice and original gift ideas for plant lovers:

Macrame planthanger

A Macrame plant hanger is ideal for plant lovers who live small, because it saves a lot of space and looks really nice as well. Of course, a plant lover with a bigger home would never say no to this gift either. 😉

Green terrarium

Green terrariums are contained ecosystems, housed in transparent containers so you can see their beautiful earthly layers. They’re low-maintenance mini gardens, can last almost indefinitely with minimal water, and are pretty to have in your home. Plus, they’re easy and fun to make! But if you’re not into gardening yourself, you can of course buy one in the store too. 😉

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Books about plants

Most plant lovers like to keep their knowledge about plants up to date. So a book about plants will always be a good gift! And they usually look decorative as well, so they’ll fit nicely into any plant interior. A few recommendations are:

  • Wonderplants, by Irene Schampaert
  • Urban Jungle, by Igor Josifovic
  • House of Plants, by Rose Ray

Something with a plant print

Whether it is a notebook, a laptop sleeve or a case: they all have a cute plant print nowadays. And research has shown that simply looking at plants has a calming effect, so a plant print will probably work as well. 😉

Watering can

All plant lovers will have a watering can already, but there are really fashionable ones out there as well! For example, there are cool golden variants, metal ones, or ones in a fun and striking color. Or go to a thrift store for a unique one!

Plant spray bottle

In the winter, especially with the heating on, the humidity inside can be a bit low. That’s why it’s best to occasionally spray your plant with some water. It increases the chance of new flowers and helps the plant stay healthy.

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