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Anthurium curtain window decoration

Original window decoration: Anthurium flower curtains

Flowers and plants in front of the window are always nice. Not only for yourself, but also for people walking by. However you can do so much more than just putting them in a nice vase or planter. Do you want something original? Get inspirered by these impressive Anthurium curtains.

Pairing window decoration like curtains and flowers on your windowsill can be a hard task. So why not combine them?

This Curtain made of real Anthurium flowers is an original way to decorate your window.

Did you know that little Anthuriums with potsizes of nine or even seven centimeter are emerging? These are very suited to hang in front of your window to create a kind of flower curtain. It looks great, doesn’t it?

These flower curtains are a great way to cheer up your room and your neighborhood. They will probably also attract the attention of people passing by and impress them. So although it’s stunning, it might not be the best way to guarantee your privacy, like usual curtains do.