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How to style your kitchen with Anthurium plants

We place plants in the living room, bedroom, bathroom and hall, but not so often in the kitchen. But why not? They provide a lot of atmosphere in there too! And if you like baking and cooking, you spend a lot of time there. In addition, many houses...

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Inspiring ways to add plants to your kitchen

Inspiring ways to add plants to your kitchen

Plants give a home a lot more atmosphere, which is why we place them in different rooms in our house. But why not in the kitchen? It perhaps is a little less common, but plants can create a completely different atmosphere in the kitchen too. To show you that, we collected a lot of...

Beach style interior with phalaenopsis

Create a relaxed beach house ambiance

Who doesn’t want a house on the beach? Wouldn’t it be the ultimate relaxation to enjoy sun, sea and beach every day? Whether you live at the beach or just dream about the sound of the sea, you could create this ambiance in your own interior.

Anthurium curtain window decoration

Original window decoration: Anthurium flower curtains

Flowers and plants in front of the window are always nice. Not only for yourself, but also for people walking by. However you can do so much more than just putting them in a nice vase or planter. Do you want something original? Get inspirered by these impressive Anthurium curtains.