3 things to keep in mind to keep your plants alive
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3 things to keep in mind to keep your plants alive

When taking care of plants, these three things are the most important: sunlight, potting soil and watering. By paying attention to these things, you will keep your plants alive for sure. In this article we’ll explain more about it!


Have a look at what kind of lighting comes into your home. Do you have many windows? And do they face north, south, east, or west? On which floor do you live? And what’s the temperature inside like? If you know these kind of things, you can easily place your plants in the right spots at home. For example, an Aloe Vera plant does very well in sunlight, but an Anthurium and Orchid plant prefer indirect sunlight.

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Potting soil

If you buy a new plant, it’s a good idea to repot it immediately. The plant pot in which it comes isn’t always the best for its growth. Most plants do well in normal potting soil, but that doesn’t apply to all. An orchid, for example, prefers special orchid potting soil. Ordinary potting soil is much too dense.

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There isn’t one manual for all plants; every plant has its own care instructions. Therefore deciding on how often you should water your plants can be a tricky one. But there are a few things that you can recognize if your plant is over-watered or under-watered.

Too much water:

The tips of the leaves turn brown, the end of the stem becomes soft and mushy, and/or the leaves turn yellow and fall out.

Did you over-water your plant? Then remove it from its pot, cut off any rotten roots and let it dry for about two hours. Then place it in another pot, that better distributes and/or drains the water. Consider, for example, a terracotta pot and saucer. In addition, in the future carefully check the potting soil before watering again.

Too little water:

The ends of the leaves are starting to curl, the edges of the leaves turn brown and crispy, and/or the lower leaves are doing the worst.

If your plant is under-watered, give it some water immediately. From now on, check every week whether the soil of your plant is still moist, and only water it when necessary. Set an alarm clock if you think you’ll forget. 😉

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