3 facts about anthurium flowers and plants you probably didn't know
3 new anthurium pot plant varieties

3 facts about anthurium flowers and plants you probably didn’t know

We are a big fan of the anthurium cut flower and anthurium pot plant, and therefore always are looking for more information and new species. Today we collected 3 facts about anthurium, that you probably didn’t know!

Re-bloom all year

The anthurium can re-bloom throughout the year. That’s why it’s an ideal plant for beginning plant owners. It needs minimal care and flowers for months at a time. Did the flowers fade anyway? No worries, they will be followed by new flowers. Every newly formed leaf will have a new flower growing next to it.

The flower

You would think that the colored, heart-shaped spathe of anthurium is the flower, because it really stands out. But that’s not the case! The real flowers of the anthurium consist of little bumps on the spadix. The function of the spathe is to protect the flowers.

4 nieuwe soorten anthurium snijbloemen

More than 600 species

The anthurium comes from tropical America and there are more than 600 species. The best known species are the Anthurium scherzerianum and the Anthurium andreanum. They both are available as pot plants and cut flowers and can be recognised by their colourful and tropical look.

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