3 Christmas decorating ideas for small spaces
Christmas decorating ideas for small spaces

3 Christmas decorating ideas for small spaces

Do you live in a small space and therefore think you can’t really decorate it for Christmas? Think again! Every home can be transformed into Christmas spheres, no matter how big or small it is. To help you, we collected three Christmas decorating ideas for small spaces. This will make your home very cozy for sure!

Plant = Christmas tree

If you don’t have room for a Christmas tree, choose a plant and transform it to Christmas tree for a month! Place Christmas lights and a few Christmas balls in the plant, and you’re good to go. Preferably opt for a plant with red flowers, such as an anthurium. The combination of green and red creates an instant Christmas feeling!

Red accents

As said before: the color red is inextricably linked to Christmas. So see if you can use this color a little bit more in your interior! For example, place a few anthurium cut flowers in a vase, and red napkins and red candles on the table.


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Winter feeling

If your home has a winter look, it feels more Christmasy as well! You can create this by adjusting small things, such as placing a woolen rug on the couch, small sheepskin on the floor, and lighting a lot of candles. Preferably combine this with warm colors and wooden accents.

We hope these Christmas decorating ideas for small spaces helped you to create the typical Christmas feeling at home. And between us: nobody will notice that you don’t have Christmas tree! Also see: How to make a floral dinner table arrangement for Christmas