4 edible flowers, to use in recipes and as garnishing
4 edible flowers
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4 edible flowers, to use in recipes and as garnishing

Summer really is over. Not only according to the Meteorological season, but the weather is also showing us so. Unfortunately! Do you want to keep the summer in mind a bit longer? Then use edible flowers in your food, for a change! Sprinkle them on top of your salad, decorate a cake with them, or add them to an oil, syrup or dressing! The wonderful flavors and cheerful colors provide an instant summer feeling.


Edible flowers aren’t only beautiful and tasty, they’re healthy too! They’re full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients, especially flavonoids. But don’t suddenly sprinkle all kinds of flowers on top of your food, because not all flowers are edible. Some are even toxic. The 4 following flowers are edible:

4 sorts of edible flowers


The leaves of the marigold are very healthy, because through their numerous phytonutrients they work antiseptic, wound healing, anti-inflammatory and fungicides. The bright orange and yellow leaves give a lot of color, and can be used as pigment in desserts or rice dishes. They taste peppery, but are not predominant.

Kittel flower

The kittel flower is a creeper with beautiful blue flowers. Just like the marigold, the kittel flower is used as a pigment. For example, in Southeast Asia it’s cooked in sugar syrup to make a bright blue lemonade.

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The petals of roses contain phenol: an organic compound that helps reduce inflammation. It also helps to restore your muscles after a workout. Be aware: only use the petals of roses in or on top of your dishes.


The tropaeolum makes your plate a real eyecatcher due to its bright yellow, orange or red color. The flour is delicious in salads, because it has a radish, spicy taste. You can eat the flowers and leaves, but don’t eat the roots.

Edible flowers are extremely varied to use. Be sure to wash them before you eat them!