2 floral cocktail recipes to make this summer
floral cocktail recipes

2 floral cocktail recipes to make this summer

Summer is here and it’s hot! During summer we tend to drink more cocktails, because we’re out and about more often. But maybe it’s time to try something else instead the standard mojito or daquiri. We collected two floral cocktail recipes that are super refreshing, not too heavy on the alcohol and easy to make. If you don’t drink alcohol, you can replace it with sparkling water. Enjoy!

Elderflower champagne

We’ll start with the easiest cocktail. For the elderflower champagne you only need three ingredients and it’s really simple to make.


  • Coupe or champagne glass
  • 200 ml champagne, cava or sparkling wine
  • 20 ml elderflower syrup
  • Lemon zest

How to make it:

Pour the elderflower syrup into the glass, then pour the champagne slowly on top and finish with some lemon zest. Easy does it!

Rose punch

This rose punch is pink, refreshing and smells like roses. What else could you wish for?


  • 2 glasses
  • Icecubes
  • 1 ts rose water
  • Edible rose petals
  • 750 ml dry white wine
  • 750 ml sparkling mineral water

How to make it:

Put the ice cubes in the glasses and pour the rose water, wine and mineral water on top. Decorate the glasses with edible rose petals. Cheers!

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