3 plants that can make your life better
plants that can make your life better
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3 plants that can make your life better

Lavender, mint and rosemary are herbs that you might use in the kitchen for taste. But don’t underestimate them, because they can also improve your performance, state of mind and energy! We looked up some more information about these 3 plants that can make your life better:

Eat: lavender

Lavender is generally known to provide relaxation. But research has shown that it can actually improve the quality of your sleep and help to reduce anxiety. You can take lavender in the form of a supplement, but the scent is also often used in beauty products such as night creams.

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Chew: mint

When you’re tired and looking for an energy boost, you’ll probably quickly go for a cup of coffee. But try chewing mint instead! Various studies have shown that it prevents fatigue and makes you more alert. Of course you don’t necessarily have to chew on it, the smell of mint helps too. So, mint tea or chewing gum with a mint flavor is also an option!

Smell: rosemary

Just like lavender, the scent of rosemary has an improving effect on memory and concentration, neuroscientists in Newcastle discovered. So why not place a rosemary plant on your desk! Touch it occasionally to spread the scent and its effect. You can also put a few drops of rosemary essential oil in an aroma diffuser.


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