4 useful tips to make your flowers last longer
4 useful tips to make your flowers last longer
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4 useful tips to make your flowers last longer

If you have mastered the art of flower arranging, taking care of your flowers is the next task to learn. Because if you spend so much time, energy and love on arranging your flowers, it would be a shame if they faded after a week, right? We collected a number of useful tips that will make your flowers last longer.

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Make your flowers last longer

Avoid fruits

Don’t place your flowers next to the fruit basket at home, and certainly not next to bananas. Fruit releases ethylene gas during the ripening process, which means that the flowering process of flowers is accelerated. And that’s exactly what we don’t want!

Remove wilted flowers

Take a look at your flowers every day. Do you see a wilted flower? Remove it immediately, to prevent bacterias from spreading onto the other flowers.

Change the water

Change the water in the vase after a week or so. And while you’re at it, cut one cm diagonally from the stems too. This way, they can absorb more water again and will last longer.

Pour them some carbonated water

Carbonated water could give flowers that are about to wilt a little boost. It’s worth the try!

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