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Create your own blooming urban jungle

Transforming your home in an urban jungle with as many green plants as possible has been hot for years. It’s great to be surrounded by green, but I wonder: “Where are the flowers?” Since you can find those in the jungle for sure. Finish your urban jungle with tropical flowering plants.

When I think of tropical flowering plants, I immediately think of Orchids and Anthuriums, since they originate from tropical regions.

Nature first: showing roots

A general rule that applies to a real urban jungle is of course: the more nature the better. So, the roots of our green friends are something to be proud of. Let’s show them.


Living artwork

In an urban jungle plants are the eye-catchers par excellence! Emphasize how important they are to you by placing them as true pieces of art under a glass bell.

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Tip: combine different types of Orchids, like a Vanda, Phalaenopsis, Cattley and Brassia with of the same flower colour for diversity, yet calmness.

Vanda, Phalaenopsis, Cattley and Brassia in an urban junlePicture: