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The trick to reduce work stress by bloomifique
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The trick to reduce work stress: go green

Of course everyone wants to be happy at the office, but unfortunately 1 in 7 workers suffer from work-related stress because there is a lack of things that give them energy. Fortunately, you can use this simple tip to improve your own job satisfaction more than you initially might think.

The trick to reduce stress? Plants & flowers!

surrounded by green at joolz headquarters amsterdam. Here is why this is great!

Previously I have told that plants at the office have a positive effect on you productivity. Research also shows that plants make you happier and less stressed. In addition, they increase your job satisfaction. In short, bye bye work stress.

Bloom up your office

Flowers are always nice to see, but they have also a few positive effects that make your stress levels drop significantly. First, it seems that people who are surrounded by plant feel happier, less stressed and more relaxed. Looking at flowers results in more optimism at the workspace.

In addition, a bunch of flowers also create a better working ambiance and better communication. The threshold  to ask a question or to chat is lower in an environment with flowers, according to The Emotional Impact of Flowers Study.