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5 health benefits of houseplants
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Why houseplants make you feel better

Plants are the most wanted accessory because of their great looks. However, also considering their health benefits, I’m happy about the fact that green is becoming a part of our way of life more and more.

Because of our stressful busy, lives in the city we crave for nature. The why is simple: nature has a positive impact on us. Science is showing that these benefits can include a healthier body and mind. Simply looking at nature (even a photo or painting) has a positive effect, so imagine the benefits of being around plants.

Infographic: 5 health benefits of houseplants

To be surrounded by plants makes a real contribution to your health. First, plants detox the air by cleaning it of CO2 and toxins and give oxygen and a better humidity in return. This leads immediately to a better health since a cleaner air decreases incidents of a dry skin, colds, sore throats and dry coughs and encourage deep breathing, which can help you sleeping better. It also boosts your immunity and helps recover from illness faster.

The third benefit of houseplants is that they calm reduces stress and stress symptoms, like high heart rates and blood pressure, anxiety and fatigue. Forth, plants boost your performance by raising productivity, concentration and improving reaction times & attentiveness.

Last of all being surrounded by plants makes you smile and in the end this might be the biggest benefit of all. I have started and hope you help spreading the green vibes and share it with your friends!

5 health benefits of houseplants

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