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6 tips that make the transition from summer to autumn a little more easy and can help beating autumn blues.
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6 ways to beat autumn blues

The days are shorter, the temperature drops, leaves on the trees colour yellow and whirl slowly. In short, the autumn has begun. These 6 tips make the transition from summer to autumn a little more easy and can help beating  autumn blues.

1. Choose some sociability

Autumn picnic to beat autumn blues

The fact that the temperature doesn’t rise above the 15°C, doesn’t mean that barbecues with friends belong to the past and that you have to crawl on the couch on your own with a blanket. Go socialise and organise an autumn BBQ/picnic where everyone brings some food! Put on a thick pullover, lay down a warm blanket, light a fire and enjoy the beautiful autumn days with roasted chestnuts and hot chocolate milk. Go for more inspiration for autumn dishes to point 6.

2. Turn on the music

Botanical record player

It has been scientifically proven that listening to cheery music significantly improves your mood in both the short and long term. Therefor a playlist with music that makes you bloom the best cure for an autumn blues. This botanical record player from Crosley will get you in the right mood. The only thing you have to take care of is a playlist that features all your favourite, un-skippable songs.

3. Flowers = cheery

Beat the autumn blues with flowers

Bring cheerfulness in your home with colourful flowers and those dark clouds will fade away. Of course, all flowers will do the trick, but bright coloured and delicious smelling flowers will guarantee success. From white, red, blue and yellow to pink, purple, orange and all shades in between. Or two or more colors and what about Freesias with double flowers. Choice enough.

4. Colourful make over

Tropcial autumn update for your interior

A new season is enough reason to give your home a mini make over with a tropical autumn update. Tropical flowers, such as the Anthurium, or brightly coloured pillows will do the magic. Those happy colours will make you spontaneously smile when you come home on a dark chilly autumn evening.

5. Go outside

Autumn woods

Also in the autumn there are bright sunny days. So, enjoy them! And go out for a relaxing walk in the woods and enjoy the beautiful shades that are unique for this time of year. An additional advantage is that being outdoors has positive effects because nature has a stress-lowering effect.

6. Bake all autumn long

banana and walnut cake with borage

Comfort food is a great remedy for an autumn blues, so dive into the kitchen on a drizzly Sunday afternoon and fill it with delicious smells of an apple or pear cake with fragrant spices such as cardamom and cinnamon. The taste of autumn certainly comes back in this banana and walnut cake with borage from funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk.