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Relaxation therapy

In this time when a lot of people are working at home and everything has to be done quickly, taking care of plants – watering, cutting, repotting – is like a meditative moment during the day. Working on something simple and tangible, in a complex world full of computers and telephones. Watching how a plant grows also has that soothing effect. 

If you are one of the many people who are working from home, make sure you regularly have some diversion; take those moments to see how your plants are doing. It will automatically become a kind of relaxation therapy, it is nice to see how your plants grow. If you see particularitiestake a picture, as the timeline of your socials must also be filled. Now that you can’t post sunny pictures from the terrace and fine photos from the spring grassyou can bring nature inside!  

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On Instagram a true community around plants has emerged, the social medium is an important source of inspiration for plant lovers. This interest in plants stems from the increasing awareness of people about their environment, nature and healthy eating. Flowers and plants are an extension of this. Plants inside your house give a good feeling, because we unconsciously need greenery around us, after all we are all part of nature. In the crazy world of today, plants in the home mitigate that lack of nature. What is also said is that green reassures the “primeval man” in us: through the plants it seems as if we are in a nutrient-rich environment. 

Once you are in the plant world, you always want something new. Something different and special: “crazy”, exotic and rare plants with special shapes and colours. You can marvel at special plants on Instagram. It almost becomes an addiction without noticing it. 

And the most beautiful side effect; you not only fill your timeline, but also support the flower industry in these uncertain times with your fresh purchases!