3 simple ways to refresh your interior for spring
3 simple ways to refresh your interior for spring

3 simple ways to refresh your interior for spring

Yes, it’s spring-time! Do you feel the spring jitters too? Then you probably already did the big spring cleaning. So now it’s time for the fun part: refresh your interior for spring! You can do that by adding more color, putting down flowers and plants, and using other materials. In this article we’ll tell you more about it!

Adding color

If you think of spring, you automatically think of a lot of color, right? That’s a good thing, because yellow will be the color this spring: Spiced Honey has been named the trend color of the year 2019. And whether you paint an entire wall in this color or just put down a yellow candle: it immediately makes you feel happy!

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Flowers and plants

Another way of adding more color, is through flowers and plants. Buy an extra large pot for on the ground, fill it with three or four plants in different cheerful colors, and there you go: it’s spring at home! Would you rather keep it a bit more calm? Then go for flowers and plants in typical soft spring colors and combine them with a glass vase or flower pots in natural tones.


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Replace materials

In addition to colors, materials also play a major role in the spring interior. In the winter we like thick, knitted, woolly fabrics. But in the spring this feels way too heavy! Therefore choose light materials instead, such as light cotton and linen. And you don’t have to make huge changes. For example, replace dark pillowcases with variants of light fabrics and cheerful colors, and your home can suddenly feel much lighter. The velvet trend isn’t over yet either: it’s a material that exudes luxury as well as softness. By throwing a velvet bedspread over your bed for example, you can create a completely different atmosphere. It’s all in the details!