These plants will help keep your home cool this summer
Plants that keep your home cool
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These plants will help keep your home cool this summer

This summer is real. All time heat records has been set all over the world last week. You’re probably trying to keep your home a bit more livable by turning the fan and/or airconditioning on high speed, but did you know there are plants that can also help with that? Plants contribute to cooling of the earth, because they stop sunlight and provide precipitation. Next to that, they act in a similar way to how we sweat. When the air around them heats up, they release excess water from their leaves into the air to cool themselves en the atmosphere around them. So, you know what to do! These plants will help keep your home cool this summer:

Ficus Elastica

Because the ficus elastica has so many leaves, it’s a must-have during hot summer days. Because the more leaves a plant has and the bigger they are, the more it sweats and the humidity in its environment increases. Place the ficus elastica in a light spot, but not in direct sunlight, and give it small sips of water every now and then.

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Mother-in-law’s tongue

The mother-in-law’s tongue stores a lot of water in its leaves. And when it gets hot, the plant transpires and releases cool evaporated moisture into the air. Nice! Place a mother-in-law’s tongue in direct sunlight, so it will have a cooling effect on the room and creates some shade at the same time.


The palm takes in CO2 and releases oxygen. So the larger the leaves of the plant the better, because that means more oxygen! Never place a palm in direct sunlight, but do look for a light spot. And spray it once a week with water to keep it healthy.

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