Plants in the bedroom: turn your bedroom into a calming oasis
Plants in the bedroom

Plants in the bedroom: turn your bedroom into a calming oasis

A good night’s rest is very important. If you have slept well, life is a lot more fun than when you are tired. But due to stress, work pressure and looking at a screen until late at night, many people only sleep for six hours or even less. To prevent this, it can be an idea to turn your bedroom into a calming oasis. You can create that by using soothing colors and placing some plants in the bedroom. A few tips:

Colors and materials

Colors are important: too many or too bright colors won’t have a calming effect. Therefore it’s best to opt for white and other light shades. Provide a freshly made bed, with soft materials. A good mattress and nice pillows are also very important.

In addition, it’s smart to look at the lighting in your bedroom. Lighting has two functions: it has to be functional, so that you see enough, but it also creates atmosphere. That’s why you should go for multiple lamps, so you can choose what kind of lighting you need in every occasion.

Plants in the bedroom

Houseplants don’t only create a nice atmosphere and add oxygen to the air, some of them can also purify the air. A few years ago, NASA researched the best ways to filter the air in a space station. This way they discovered that certain houseplants can neutralize toxic substances in a natural way.

One of these houseplants is the anthurium. According to NASA, this plant is very effective in removing formaldehyde, ammonia, toluene and xylene from the air. In addition, the anthurium plant doesn’t need much care, so you don’t have to stress about giving water on time. 😉 Other soothing plants are lavender and jasmine, and they also smell really nice!

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