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Plants approved by pets that won't kill them

Pet friendly plants

Are you fond of beautiful plants and your beloved pet? In that case you might sometimes face a dilemma: which plants can I use to make it a little more cosy in my house, without endangering my pets? Good news: it’s possible!

Pets are curious creatures. They  scratch freely through your home and sniff at everything. Unfortunately they sometimes nibble pieces from a houseplant that they encounter on their journey of discovery. Some people are afraid that their beloved dog or cat will not survive this. In Europe, this is for more than 10% even a reason not to buy houseplants. While this is not necessary at all.

Approved by pets

A palm instantly boosts the level of greenery in the house and the good news is that they are safe for pets. The small spider plant with its jumpy leaves is also ideal for a home with dogs and cats.

Areca Palm spider grass is safe for cats

Green is great, but if you want more colour, than the Phalaenopsis Orchid is ideal. The most popular flowering plant at this moment is not toxic to pets.  In fact it’s not even tasty. So after one exploratory bite they probably won’t come near it again. Also the Bromelia gives a good dose of colour in your living room and there is no reason to panic as pets nibble on it.

Phalaenopsis Orchid living roomBromelia







Avoid nibbling

Nibbling cannot hurt, but plants are obviously not a dog or cat food. An overdose of, for example the spider plant can lead to nausea. Moreover, unfortunately you curious dear pet damages the plant with its nibbling. If you want to avoid nibbling sprinkle the leaves with cinnamon or cayenne pepper. Or remove the plants away from where your pets hang out: the ground. Move them up in the air and hang them from the ceiling or place them on a high table.