3 tips for keeping your plants alive while you're on holiday
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3 tips for keeping your plants alive while you’re on holiday

Yes! It’s summer and the holiday is just around the corner. Very nice for you, but a little less nice for your plants. Because they will be very lonely during the time that you’re away. Keeping your plants alive while you’re on holiday is therefore quite a challenge. But with the following three tips it should work!

A self-watering planter

Make use of a self-watering planter, such as a Lechuza plant pot. These plant pots contain a water system, which ensures that the plants get exactly the right amount of water they need, to grow optimally. A self-watering planter is especially suitable for tropical plants, such as the anthurium or orchid. These types of plants like a moist soil, but don’t like to be overwatered.

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The best spot

Your plants probably already have the best spot in your house, but check this again before you go on holiday. Preferably go for a spot that isn’t too sunny, because that way the potting compost will retain its moisture longer.

Of course it also depends on the plant itself. For example, an Aloe Vera plant loves sunlight, but anthurium and orchid plants prefer indirect sunlight. Place them a few meters away from the window, with the curtains partially closed so that some light can come into the room.

You can also place your plants in the bathroom, if daylight comes in there. And if you have a lot of plants, you can group them together. This creates a beneficial area of higher humidity.


Een week before you leave on holiday, start with pampering your plants a bit extra. Remove dried leaves and trim away dead parts and stems, because they use up a lot of the plants’ energy. Removing them will also reduce the plant’s need for water.

The evening before you leave, give your plants another splash of water. Not too much, but just what you would normally give them.

If you give your plant fertiliser, it’s better to stop a week before your holiday. Otherwise your plant will become more active and start growing. That will cost more energy and therefore more water.

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