Why flowers wilt faster during the summer + prevention tips
Why flowers wilt faster during the summer
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Why flowers wilt faster during the summer

There’s no better feeling than having blooming flowers at home! The cheerful colors and wonderful scents really bring the summer feeling into your home. But unfortunately you can’t enjoy them as long as usual. Are you curious about why flowers wilt faster during the summer? We sorted it out and listed a number of tips to prevent it.

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Why flowers wilt faster during the summer

When it’s 22 degrees or warmer, it will get a bit harder for most flowers. Especially flowers that are just starting to bloom can’t stand the heat well, because this accelerates the flowering process in a natural way. In addition, there are other factors that play a role. Like:

  • Water evaporates faster in a warm temperature, and flowers absorb more water. So regularly check whether your flowers still have enough water.
  • Bacteria multiply faster in a warm temperature, also in the water. To prevent this, it’s best to refresh the water of your flowers every other day during the summer.
  • Flowers generally don’t like direct sunlight, because their leaves can burn. So place your flowers preferably in a shady spot.
  • Do you regularly have your doors and windows open during the summer? Make sure you keep your flowers away from draft, because they don’t like that.

Care tips

A good start is half the work. So, first remove all packaging and rubber bands from the flowers. Then cut one cm from the bottom of the stems diagonally, so that they can absorb a lot of water again. Preferably do this with a sharp knife and not with scissors, because otherwise you can damage the stems. Also remove the lower leaves of the stem, because bacteria can easily multiply in there, causing stalks to rot and flowers to wilt sooner. Finally, place the flowers in a clean vase with a layer of tap water of about 30 cm.

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After this, pay close attention to the amount of water in the vase, change it every other day, don’t place them in direct sunlight and keep them away from draft. That way you have done everything to keep your flowers beautiful and they will wilt less quickly!