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Green, greener, greenest

The colour green is totally hot! Just drop by a boutique, restaurant or furniture store. There is a real strong chance that you encounter green plants. Recently, I have been looking out for green plants and I notice this plant more and more. Are you using social media? You will not be able to get round. If I take a look at my Instagram, most of the pictures are green.

Finish your interior

Do you have a green plant in your house or in another place? The plant will be more important as accessory. The plant creates atmosphere in a home and fits into each interior. At the moment there are so many choices when it comes to plants. Do you want big, small, a lot of leaves, with colour or without, everything is possible. You may not buy a big plant very quickly, but if you have an empty place at home, this is really an eye-catcher!



Enjoy your table

The dining room is often a central place in home to go over the day. Because of its size, the table is tempting to put stuff on it. Some fruit, a newspaper, clothes and leaflets. Do you recognize this? Make your table truly an enjoyable table. You can stop looking at it, so nice! Put some plants on the table in nice pots, in a nice bowl or with a pole around it. You will see that you do not put any newspapers, folders or clothes on your table anymore. At least I don’t!


Make your home ready for the autumn

Take a critical look at your house and get started with the accessories you have. Go to the florist or garden center and get plants and accessories to give your home a true autumn flair. Don’t you have any inspiration?

Check out my other blogs or ask someone in the store to help you. A plant does no longer have to be put in a standard pot. There are so many great ways to put your plant in your home. An example might be the bags, the baskets or lamps where plants and flowers are put in! Remember that you can also combine it with colourful plants!

Picture: bloemenbureauholland