Why flowers make us happy: 4 reasons
Why flowers make us happy
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Why flowers make us happy: 4 reasons

The American University Rutgers researched the relationship between flowers and life satisfaction, where they looked at the behavior and emotional reactions of participants after getting flowers. It showed that the presence of flowers leads to happy emotions, increases feelings of general well-being and influences social behavior in a positive way. So there is no doubt about it: flowers make us happy. But how? We listed four reasons:

Somebody is thinking of you

If you receive flowers, it means that someone has made the effort to buy them for you. And that idea is heartwarming! You will feel more connected to the giver. So it’s actually not very surprising that men often give flowers to women. 😉

A gift for yourself

But also when you buy the flowers for yourself, instead of receiving them, they’ll make you happy. That’s because it’s a gift for yourself! And how often do you give yourself any gifts lately? This happy feeling luckily doesn’t only remain when you buy the flowers, but also when you transport them, choose a vase, and place them in your home. It is a form of me-time!

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Interior boost

Putting a beautiful bouquet in your home creates a boost in your interior. It’s only a small change, but it brightens up your interior anyway! Especially if you combine the flowers with a striking vase, it becomes a real eye-catcher.

They bloom

And once you’ve placed them at the best spot in your home, they will be there for a while. Because when you place them there the buds are still closed, and in the next days you will see them blossom. A good bouquet lasts for one or two weeks, so you’ll enjoy them for a long time!

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