Several studies have shown: flowers are good for your health
Flowers are good for your health
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Several studies have shown: flowers are good for your health

We wrote about it before: flowers make you happy. Whether you want to congratulate someone, cheer them up, support them, or make up for something: flowers are an easy way to put a smile on someone’s face. But besides that, they have another big advantage. Several studies have shown that flowers are good for your health as well! In this article we’ll tell you all about it.

The connection between flowers and life satisfaction

The American University Rutgers researched the connection between flowers and life satisfaction. The scientists looked at the behavioral and emotional reactions of participants after getting flowers. It showed that the presence of flowers leads to happy emotions, increases feelings of general well-being and influences social behavior in a positive way.

Long-term happiness

And that happy feeling isn’t only limited to the moment of receiving flowers. You take out the flowers, cut off a piece from the bottom of the stems, and put them in a beautiful vase. Then you’re going to look for the best place to place them. The Rutgers research shows that most people place them in the living room or dining room. These are spaces where you are often and where you have a visitors over. This way you can admire them often, and every time that happy feeling comes back.

Stress reducing

Having plants and flowers in your home also works soothing and reduces stress. Because of the air-purifying effect of plants your brain can work better, so you can concentrate better. A study by the VU Medical Center Amsterdam also showed that simply looking at plants calms you down. For the research, 46 students were put behind a computer with the assignment to empathize with the photos they saw. Half of the students were shown photographs of a green environment, the other half of an urban environment. In order to generate stress, the researchers let the students solve maths under time pressure. And guess what happened? The students who got to see the green environment recovered better from the stress than the students who only saw buildings.

We think it’s clear: flowers are good for your health and your happiness. So who are you going to make healthy and happy? 😉